3 Factors That Contribute to Premature Roof Failure

Asphalt shingle roofs are expected to last 20 to 30 years. However, certain factors can lead to premature roof failure, not even counting extreme conditions like storm damage. Fortunately, a capable roofing company can minimize the effects of the following factors:

3 Factors That Contribute to Premature Roof Failure

Poor Attic Ventilation

Attic ventilation is an important element of roof design, as it prevents heat and moisture buildup within the attic. Trapped heat and moisture can lead to several problems, and one of these is the formation of ice dams during winter. Trapped heat in the attic can raise the outer roof temperature to above freezing. This melts the layer of snow on top of the roof, which then refreezes as it reaches the edge, forming an ice dam. The combination of trapped heat and moisture can also rot or soften the roof deck, as well as damage the attic insulation.

While it should have been addressed with correct roof design, improper attic ventilation can be addressed after the fact. The peak of the roof can be modified by roofing contractors to accommodate ridge ventilation, which allows heat and moisture to be passively vented at the top. The resulting air pressure will then pull cool air from the vents at the soffit area. Alternatively, solar-powered fans can be installed in strategic positions near the roof’s peak.

Poor Workmanship

Installation errors are another common contributor to roofing failure, even more so than factory defects. No matter how well-engineered the roofing system is, it will still fail if improperly installed. When looking for a roofing contractor, make sure they offer workmanship warranties, as well as hold certification from the products they represent. Euclid Roofing and Siding, Inc. is both a GAF Master Elite® and a CertainTeed SELECT ShingleMaster™, your assurance that workmanship is the last thing that will cause roof failure.

Neglected Maintenance and Inspections

Your roof is not a set-and-forget installation, as it’s continuously exposed to the elements as soon as it’s installed. This is why scheduled maintenance and inspections are important: they help you keep an eye on your roof’s condition and address problems as soon as they’re found. Also, some roofing warranties require roofing maintenance, at the risk of voiding it.

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