4 Considerations for Choosing Your Roofing Color

If you’re on the market for a new roof, the last thing you want is to rush into it. A new roof is, after all, an important investment. Whatever option you choose, you will have to live with it for the next 20 to 30 years. Color is one of the roofing elements you should carefully plan for, and here are the things you should consider when choosing your roof color.

4 Considerations for Choosing Your Roofing Color

1. Local Climate – You may already have heard of the term “cool roof.” The idea is light-colored roofing can reflect sunlight, including unwanted UV rays and solar heat. In climates that experience temperature extremes, a cool roof can help minimize the heat absorbed through the roof. This leads to a reduction in your indoor heating requirements and, consequently, your energy consumption.

2. Permanent Components – If you have permanent components such as brick, stone or landscaping, these should always factor in when considering the roofing color. These parts are, after all, not going to get replaced anytime soon. Some may find this restricting, but if you’re trying to narrow your color selection from a dozen choices, the permanent components are good starting points.

3. Neighborhood Colors – You want an exterior color palette that best reflects your sense of style, but probably not to the point where your home stands out like a sore thumb. Take a quick walk around a couple of blocks, and even without focusing on any specific house, you will get a good sense of what the neighborhood color palette is.

4. Times of the Day – Once you have a few colors in mind, try to obtain physical samples. Some colors may look great with your siding and landscaping during certain times, but some of them might not once the sun has shifted. Place your samples against the siding, and check them in broad daylight, during sunset and again in the evening. You should be able to narrow your choices down even further.

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