4 Ways to Maximize Your Roof’s Service Life

A typical asphalt shingle roof is expected to last about 20 to 30 years, others even longer. Factors such as constant wear and tear can shorten its service life. Your trusted Chicago roofing company, Euclid Roofing and Siding, Inc., shares the following things that you can do to maximize your roof’s service life.

4 Ways to Maximize Your Roof’s Service Life

  1. Invest In Quality Roofing –Invest in a roof that has a long expected life span to begin with. You have the option to choose materials such as metal, slate and tile, all of which have much longer service lives than asphalt shingles. However, if your budget or house style calls for asphalt shingles, invest in a better roofing system in the same category. For example, instead of traditional three-tab shingles, choose dimensional shingles. In addition to the aesthetic improvement, these usually have better wind ratings, better warranty coverage, and a longer expected lifespan.

  2. Don’t Put Off Scheduled Maintenance – Scheduled maintenance, performed by roofing contractors, should be done every two to three years. Maintenance helps ensure that any issues caused by wear and tear, or in some cases installation errors, are addressed before it can lead to bigger problems like roofing leaks. Your roofing warranty may also require scheduled maintenance, and not doing so could void the warranty coverage.

  3. Perform Regular Inspections – Performing your own annual or twice-a-year inspections complement professionally-conducted scheduled maintenance, as it lets you keep an eye on the condition of your roof without cost or much effort. A visual inspection can be conducted using a pair of binoculars for exterior inspections, and a flashlight for attic inspections. In addition to helping prolong your roof’s service life, regular inspections also help avoid costly repair costs.

  4. Have Repairs Performed by Professionals – Whether the roofing problem is something you found during your inspections, or is caused by a storm, repairs must be conducted by a professional. It’s your assurance that repairs will be performed correctly, and keep your warranty coverage intact. It will also help ensure that you stay covered by your insurance provider, in case of storm damage.

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