Getting to Know the GAF TruSlate® System

A product that seems too good to be true is bound to raise some eyebrows and a whole lot of questions. Read on as roof repair authority Euclid Roofing and Siding, Inc. sheds light on the GAF TruSlate® System.

Getting to Know the GAF TruSlate® System

1. Is It Real?

Yes. TruSlate® slates are authentically sourced and hand-split from quarries in America and Canada. For production, guillotine-type saws are used. Compared to synthetic slates, GAF TruSlate does not curl up or warp. Although it may fade, a weathered genuine slate will only add charm to your roof and increase the curb appeal of your house.

2. Why Does It Cost Less?

Only the optimal amount of slate is produced, so there’s less material used compared to traditional slate. The efficient design also makes it a favorite among roofing contractors; its lighter weight means it’s easier to install. TruSlate is still genuine slate, so you can rest assured no (figurative) corners were cut.

3. How Does It Fare Against Traditionally Installed Slate?

In terms of thickness, TruSlate is comparable to traditional slate. In traditional slates, however, half of the material is tucked under the piece above it. GAF has cleverly eliminated any wasted portion by instead installing a membrane called UnderBlock™ UV and Moisture Barrier underneath. This waterproof material is also resistant to weather and damage brought on by changing temperatures, which eliminates leakage problems in the future.

4. What Is the Warranty Coverage?

All TruSlate system components must be installed to qualify for a limited warranty coverage. Only consult a reputable and GAF certified roofer like Euclid Roofing and Siding, Inc, the area’s premier roofing company, for your TruSlate roof installation concerns.

5.  Does It Undergo Quality Tests?

In addition to various comprehensive chemical testing, TruSlate has an ASTM C406 rating of S1, which means it has a life span of more than 75 years.

TruSlate is truly an innovative material that gives you all the benefits of genuine slate at less cost. For questions about the complete system, you may call Euclid Roofing and Siding, Inc at (844) 202-9111. We have been the leading roofing contractor in Chicago and Palatine for over 35 years running.